S. Seymour

Healing Diabetes and Arthritis

Rebecca helped my cat Emmy immensely. I was thrown into a tailspin with news that Emmy was on the verge of full-blown diabetes. Her fructosamine level was barely still in the ?pre-diabetes? range. The vet recommended immediately putting her on a high-protein diet, and I also cut out all of her high-carb dry food. Also, after a series of X-rays it was determined that Emmy had arthritis in most of her joints, and sometimes I could tell that she was in some pain when she walked, so we began a joint supplement regimen coupled with the energy healing performed by Rebecca a few times a week.

After the first week of energy healing, I noticed an improvement in the way Emmy carried herself. She seemed more joyful and moved with more gusto and ease. A few weeks into the regimen, she was clearly playing more and was able to run around with no sign of joint pain. I would also like to point out that Emmy took to eating her new food without being finicky, which was a shocker! She?s usually very picky and will turn her nose up at most foods. I think that Rebecca was able to help her understand on a deeper level that this new food would help her feel better.

And indeed, after two months of energy healing, joint supplements, and diet change, Emmy went to get her levels checked at the vet. I had hoped for good news, but was incredibly happy to learn that in that short time, Emmy?s fructosamine level dropped by nearly 50% and she had lost one whole pound (11.4 pounds to 10.4 pounds). She was no longer in any danger of diabetes, and she had more energy than I had ever seen. I do not believe this would all be possible in such a short period of time if Rebecca hadn?t been working with Emmy. The energy work enabled Emmy?s body to repair and heal much faster than if she hadn?t been receiving treatment, and for that, I am so grateful.”