When I came to Rebecca, I was having a recurrence of chronic fatigue symptoms (I had chronic fatigue at age 21, but I had not had symptoms in over 20 years). I am 45, and my chronic fatigue symptoms returned. I was consistently tired, had no stamina, got weak and sweaty (like a low grade fever) after stress or fairly minimal exertion, and worst of all, I was having great trouble sleeping and when I did sleep it was not refreshing. Rebecca treated me for two months. My energy returned and my sleep improved in month one, and in month two, I stopped getting weak and sweaty after exertion and was back to normal. I am so grateful to her!

Dr. Michael Pinkerton, DC. 2021

Rebecca is a powerful healer using a unique type of healing modality that not only speeds the healing process and reduces inflammation but rebuilds weakened degenerated tissue and more.   Recently I suffered 3 seriously herniated disks in my cervical spine.  I could hardly move and in extreme pain until getting a series of healings from Rebecca. After 2 weeks of healings I was able to work and almost pain free.  With continued healings I’m now pain free and have regained mobility of my cervical spine.
Currently Rebecca is helping me with a progressive degenerative condition of the motor neurons (partly genetic) that impacts my stability and co-ordination – at times causing a loss of control of my limbs.  Regular sessions with Rebecca have slowed the progression of this condition to the point of being able to work, take walks, and basically to have a life worth living.
I have tried other modalities for these ailments but nothing comes close to the lasting relief I have received from this extraordinary healing work with Rebecca.


B. Allen, Oakland, CA. 2022

It’s been 3 years since Rebecca started healing work on me and initially the brain fog feeling was alleviated and I found I could keep my focus on work or life in general easier, she helped the pressure in my ears, especially when I fly, my ears would hurt terribly due to the extreme pressure changes and occasionally I may have a little ear pain but not anywhere near what I had been experiencing. Additionally, Rebecca has improved my sight in a way that my eyes don’t get as tired as quickly. Now that it has been almost 3 years, I am extremely clear and confident about what I want in life and what this means is I know my purpose in life and I am focused on that. In adjunct to Rebecca’s healing work, I have been doing my own self-study and personal development to live the life of my choosing and do the work to make a contribution to this world. I’ve started a business in the last couple of years and I truly believe that I would not be able to see through this dream without the healing work of Rebecca Blasband. Thank you kindly!

Anonymous, California resident, 2020

Our son was born 4 pound in weight had severe problems with digestive system whole life, up until we endup in hospital due to the lack of weight. In the hospital, due to the doctor’s mistake he had been given sweet drinks, as result he developed severe SIBO, and was given rifaximin to fight it along with three types of laxatives. The outcome was that he gained some weight, but his teeth rotted and problems with digestive system become even way more severe. This is the point when Rebecca started working on Emil, in a course of 6 months he had gained  3 pounds, developmental issues he had due to the lack of nutrients, went away, digestive problem also gone. He had tremendous changes from always crying, unhappy boy to always smiling, joking, running around kid who can’t stop playing and laughing.

Thanks Becky for everything you did for us, our family will be always grateful to you. 

Dmitriy Kropachev, Russia 2019

When Rebecca treats me energetically, it is like going “into a wonderful timeless afternoon, …pine trees brushing against the sky.” (M. Oliver) I feel clean and clear on deeper and deeper levels after sessions.  She works on developing my spirit into the mental levels.  She took karma from me several years ago, opening the artist within me to do Sumi art, sing Italian songs, dance… and supporting my creativity and healing skills when I teach young children.  When I injured my right wrist, her work on the physical level has healed the Keinbock’s disease and non-functioning ligaments, which allowed me to forgo having surgery.  My gratitude is unbounded. Rebecca’s healing work is deserving of our highest creative responses.  ~Lynn, Washington, 2019

Lynn, Washington State 2019

Healing Skin Disorder – Detoxification

“It was my intention to do holistic healing work on myself regarding chronic diseases which I felt were genetic. The healing process was started through hypnotherapy. For five months toxins from my liver and pericardium were released through the skin on my face. It was physically and emotionally uncomfortable and I didn?t get any relief from medication, herbs, Reiki, or acupuncture.

Before Healing Treatment
After Healing Treatment
After Healing Treatment

Dr. Blasband was able to allow the release of toxins to continue, but not through my face and the healing process was quicker, more comfortable, and effective.”

Pat Cougar

Healing?Thoracic Disc Degeneration ? Back Pain

A few days after an adjustment by my chiropractor, I developed terrible pain in my thoracic area, which felt like a constant throbbing that would begin upon waking and only cease late in the afternoon. The throbbing pain was relentless. Rebecca began working on me approximately one week into my five weeks of intense pain. Immediately I felt some healing relief after our first session, although the pain returned shortly. We knew it would take some time and energy because thoracic pain can be quite prolonged. About two weeks after the pain began, I went to get an X-ray, but the results came back negative for any damage. My doctor and chiropractor both thought that a rib head and/or muscles had become a ?hot spot? area and that there was most likely inflammation causing my pain.

Rebecca Blasband worked on me two or three times a week, with my pain level varying up and down during the next few weeks. Eventually by the fifth week, I suddenly noticed a great improvement. For two days, the pain had nearly disappeared. I had just gotten a prescription from my MD for physical therapy, which I decided to move forth with even if I felt better, in order to strengthen my surrounding muscles. After the two nearly pain-free days, the pain came back again. But just two days before I was to begin PT, the intense pain went away, and it stayed away! Rebecca is still working on my back, because there is still some finalization of the process that needs to take place, and I still have a mild throbbing occasionally. I truly believe that without her help, my back would have taken a much, much longer time to heal than it did.

S. Seymour

Healing Diabetes and Arthritis

Rebecca helped my cat Emmy immensely. I was thrown into a tailspin with news that Emmy was on the verge of full-blown diabetes. Her fructosamine level was barely still in the ?pre-diabetes? range. The vet recommended immediately putting her on a high-protein diet, and I also cut out all of her high-carb dry food. Also, after a series of X-rays it was determined that Emmy had arthritis in most of her joints, and sometimes I could tell that she was in some pain when she walked, so we began a joint supplement regimen coupled with the energy healing performed by Rebecca a few times a week.

After the first week of energy healing, I noticed an improvement in the way Emmy carried herself. She seemed more joyful and moved with more gusto and ease. A few weeks into the regimen, she was clearly playing more and was able to run around with no sign of joint pain. I would also like to point out that Emmy took to eating her new food without being finicky, which was a shocker! She?s usually very picky and will turn her nose up at most foods. I think that Rebecca was able to help her understand on a deeper level that this new food would help her feel better.

And indeed, after two months of energy healing, joint supplements, and diet change, Emmy went to get her levels checked at the vet. I had hoped for good news, but was incredibly happy to learn that in that short time, Emmy?s fructosamine level dropped by nearly 50% and she had lost one whole pound (11.4 pounds to 10.4 pounds). She was no longer in any danger of diabetes, and she had more energy than I had ever seen. I do not believe this would all be possible in such a short period of time if Rebecca hadn?t been working with Emmy. The energy work enabled Emmy?s body to repair and heal much faster than if she hadn?t been receiving treatment, and for that, I am so grateful.”

S. Seymour

Healing Stroke, Carotid Arteries

I have known Richard A. Blasband, M.D. since 1964. In 1995, when I met with him, I learned that a few years previously he had been trained by the Russian physicist, Nicolai Levashov, to become a healer. My understanding was, and still is, that his method of healing is not ?psychic healing,? but is a type of long-distance healing based on little known scientific principles, and is a type of healing not based on my belief that it works. Dr. Blasband did say, however, that if I strongly disbelieved in this type of healing it could be ?too much for him to overcome.?

The day we met, he asked if he could scan me, and figuring I had nothing to lose, I consented. He did not touch me, but scanned me with his mind. He reported that he saw several physical problems. His finding corroborated testing that had been done years previously by conventional methods. I asked if he could fix these problems and when he said that he thought he could, I became his patient.

He has healed my minor injuries, such as pulled muscles, usually in thirty-six hours, and often in one session. One day many years ago I had a severely sprained ankle. The pain was so intense that by evening I needed two canes to walk from the living room to the bedroom. I called him on an emergency basis and he said he would work on it. The next morning I was up and about for an hour before I remembered I had a sprained ankle.

Other things have taken longer, of course. His type of healing is not ?miracle healing? where, ?Zap, you are cured.? Some things of long-standing duration have taken a while. Eighteen years ago, cleaning out my arteries, for example, took him up to a year, if I recall correctly. My understanding in this regard is that everyone is different, and that what took Dr. Blasband up to a year with me, could take a far shorter or a far longer time with someone else.

Over these past twenty years I have found Dr. Blasband?s healing work with me to be invaluable. Some examples: I am 73 years old and recently I had a stroke. (Eighteen years after he cleaned out my arteries, they started to clog up again.) The doctors at Stanford University Medical Center to told me that I would have a considerable period of physical therapy, and even then it might not be possible to recover 100%. I called Dr. Blasband and he started working on me immediately and intensively. He enlisted his daughter, Rebecca, who was also trained as a healer by Nicolai Levashov, to also work on me. Now, one month later. I can happily report that I feel 98 % as I did before, and certainly have no need of physical therapy.

Some years ago I had a Carotid Ultrasound done and it was found that these arteries were 50% occluded. Not good, but I was not in imminent danger. At Stanford they wanted to do a Carotid Ultrasound, but were unable to because I was there on a weekend and they do not do ultrasounds on weekends. They instructed me to have it done when I returned home to Pennsylvania. I had it done a month after that weekend in the hospital, and the results were that both carotid arteries are 100% clear?no plaque whatsoever. I asked Dr. Blasband if he had been working on it and he replied, ?A lot.? Words cannot express how grateful I am.

Dr. Blasband charges for the healing he does. I consider it the best bargain I can imagine, and I regularly recommend his healing work to friends when I learn they have a physical problem.

Michael A. Smith

Healing Anxiety, Depression, Spiritual/Karmic Issues

I have been a patient of Dr. Richard Blasband since 2010. Previously, I had been searching and seeing a number of different energy medicine workers, as well as a nutritionist/ kinesiologist to support my journey of recovery from many years of drug and alcohol abuse.

An intuitive counselor referred me to Dr.Blasband. I was starting to have frequent panic attacks, sometimes more than one a day. I would call Dr. Blasband and these attacks would cease in moments.? Along with the anxiety I also suffered from serious depression. He started a course of healing to detox my central nervous system and treat my fatty liver. This has been a very long detox but worth every moment, as I noticed that I got sick less frequently, had more energy.? A cloud was slowly lifting from my experience of life and I started to feel a sense of well being that I thought had been lost forever.

At one point I hit a wall and felt as if there was a block that was keeping me from fulfilling my dreams and living my life fully, kind of like a glass ceiling. Dr. Blasband noticed some things going on in my astral body and referred me to his daughter Rebecca Blasband. ?Rebecca began working deeply on the astral level, cleaned it out and began repairing it.?She discovered a karmic issue originating in the astral body and?affecting all of the other spiritual bodies which was blocking my development.

A karmic issue is a trauma that occurred in a current life or in a past incarnation that leaves an imprint on your organism. It runs like a triggered loop and can be very difficult to overcome. It is very intense work, as it is very deep.?Rebecca began to dissolve the structure of the imprint, changing the ?program.?

What I experienced was surprising, and at times frightening, but Rebecca was with me every step of the way. She was utterly supportive as she carried me through the process. As I began to detox the karmic imprint over the course of two months, I saw, as if watching a movie, specific memories of my past lifetime and all of the traumatic events that created the issues I had in my present life. These were not imagined and they were highly personal and very familiar in the strangest way. It was fascinating and moving to see my lifetime as an ordinary woman, brave and extraordinary in her own way, and dealing with challenging issues of survival in her day, and although heroic, her very traumatic loss of family and her own death.? Understanding her raised my level of compassion for and acceptance of myself, compassion for and acceptance of others.

I understood how and why I have always been afraid to truly and freely love others in this life, and why I have been hesitant to make commitments. Also why I spent many years of my life taking drugs and drinking.

I am less fearful and many neurotic habits have fallen away. I experience a quiet joy and feel no need to be a people pleaser. I have gained a richer sense of direction and joy in life, a stronger desire to develop my mind and my body, and a desire and a new ability to create and commit to things and people in my life.? I feel like it is safe to love, I feel like it is safe to live!? I feel new freedom.

I highly recommend Rebecca and her specific areas of expertise. She has been, for lack of a better word, and angel in my life.? She was always there to support me throughout this process. This is amazing, life-altering, extraordinary work, and anyone who reads this may feel free to contact me with questions or to discuss my experience.

I am 58 years old and I have tried many different modalities of healing and many kinds of therapies over the years. ?I can say that the Levashov method of healing is the most effective and truly transformative on every level of my being.

Barbara Boungard

Healing Sprains (tissue regeneration), Strengthening Immune System

I have experienced and observed the following from Dr. Blasband?s energy healing over the past three years:

  • I have rarely gotten ill with colds, flu, or other viral syndromes.?When I have contracted a virus, my recovery is?rapid as a result of working with Dr. Blasband.
  • Since working with Dr. Blasband my rosacia is dramatically improved.
  • Heat patterns seen in breast thermography have?decreased?since working with Dr. Blasband.
  • Sprained ankles sustained by my daughter during basketball games healed in?significantly shorter periods than prior to using Dr. Blasband?s healing.
  • Recovery time of my daughter?s broken ankle sustained during a basketball game was shorter than predicted by sports doctor, I believe due to Dr. Blasband?s work with her.
  • Pain experienced by my daughter during sports injuries would often be diminished after a few minutes work with Dr. Blasband.

I highly recommend Dr. Blasband as an energy healer.

Linda G. Brauner

Healing General Infection, Poison Spider Bite, plus Vertebrae Restoration

I have been the fortunate recipient of innumerable benefits to my health from the healing work of Dr. Richard A. Blasband for over twenty years.

There are many things I could not have overcome without Dr. Blasband?s help. He has helped restore vertebrae in my spinal column and thus I can more easily manage my general back ailments by having much less pain, relief from occasional numbness in my feet from the pinched nerves in the spinal column, to name only a few. On the occasions when I have needed a western medicine procedure, such as a tooth implant, Dr. Blasband has speeded up healing, eliminated infection, and removed pain. (Upon the followup visit, the implant dentist could not believe how quickly and how well I had healed, especially for my age.)

One particular irrefutable example of Dr. Blasband’s healing work:

I was bitten near the front of my neck by a brown recluse spider while visiting my family farm in Texas. Though these spiders are not normally aggressive, I was sleeping in a room that had not been used for over a year and I probably rolled over onto the spider living in the long-undisturbed sheets. I have learned that a brown recluse cannot be felt at the time of its bite. A few hours after awakening, I noticed a dark red spot on my neck that began to feel sore, and a few hours after that, I noticed that the spot was starting to exude pus and to form a large protruding black node, around which were red streaks radiating from infection and inflammation. All during this time, I was feeling more and more weak and feverish and completely ?wiped out.? No one was available in this remote rural area to assist me, so I drove alone to the nearest out-patient emergency facility (45 miles away) to see if a doctor there could help identify and help with the awful thing on my neck.

The doctors at the clinic thought it was a staph infection and took a sample from it for testing. While waiting in the clinic to be tested for staph, I called Dr. Blasband and explained what I thought it might be, and what it looked and felt like. He said that he did not believe it was staph, but ?saw? that it was a poison bite. (By the next morning, the clinic?s test confirmed negative for staph.) Dr. Blasband told me that he had not worked with a poison spider bite before, but that he would look at the structure of the poison and construct an antidote with his mind. He began working on me immediately.

In western medicine, there is no antidote for brown recluse spider bites, and the doctor at the clinic said that if it was a brown recluse bite, the only solution was plastic surgery after the necrotic lesion and infection ceased, or to be content with the scar, which might or might not be minor. The area was looking its worst by the time of this pronouncement. I had to have a long nap in the car before driving myself back to the farm. But, after only a few hours, I was having much less fever and aching, and felt a bit stronger. By the next day, I was able to function almost normally and was getting good bed rest to assist the twice-daily calls to Dr. Blasband. By the third day, I was able to call him only once, and to drive a few hundred miles to Colorado and begin co-teaching (with my husband) a pre-scheduled seminar that could not be cancelled. By the fourth and fifth days, I felt completely recovered, and the ugly spot of the bite was going away very rapidly, so quickly in fact, that it was barely noticeable. (Fewer sessions with Dr. Blasband were needed by this time and we resumed our normal two or three times a week.) Within less than a month, the spot was healed so completely that it was impossible to see where the bite occurred, with the result that there is no depression or skin damage of any kind?there is not so much as a freckle where the huge black and red pustule came out of my neck.

I simply cannot imagine what my life would be like if I had not had the great benefit Dr. Blasband?s healing work in so many aspects of my being.?

Paul Chamlee