Understanding Healing by Intention

Conventionally in modern physics and biology, it is thought that all that we are is physical mass. Of course we have a mind, and most scientists and philosophers think it to be a product of the complexity of neural actions in the brain.  Although this belief may be widespread, there exists strong evidence that physics and biology, as understood conventionally, cannot account for many of the phenomena that are associated with the mind.  While allied to the brain, the mind and consciousness are actually independent of it in many, various ways.

The Brain and the Electromagnetic Field

There is also evidence that we are more than physical mass, as we know it. It is well known that at the atomic level, the deepest level of physical functioning, there are powerful electromagnetic forces holding the atoms intact. Conventionally, bio-electromagnetism is thought to be a product of the interaction of mass particles, but there is evidence that the reverse is also true. For example, in the 1930s, Professor Harold Saxton Burr of Yale University found that all cells and tissue had an electromagnetic field that functioned in intimate concert with the physical mass of the cells and tissue. Furthermore, Burr found that the long axis of the field of an undivided amphibian egg in water existed prior to the development of the long axis of the physically developing central nervous system. Once developed, the long axis of the physical nervous system oriented itself exactly to the preexisting long axis of the field.

On the basis of this and hundreds of other experiments with so-called “DC (direct current) fields,” Burr and his colleagues were forced to conclude that the organism’s electromagnetic field acts as a functioning template for the physical body. Once developed, the physical body serves to provide energy to sustain the field, while the field, in turn, provides organization for the sustenance of form on the physical level. For example, in the process of cellular reproduction there is a moment when the internal structure of the cell breaks down into a kind of unorganized “mush,” as demonstrated by studies with scanning tunneling electron microscopy. In light of our understanding of the existence and functions of the electromagnetic field, we can now understand the re-establishment of the form of the cell on the physical level as being due to a projection of formal information from the energetic field. The totality of living organisms consists of a physical corpus working in complement with an energetic field. One cannot survive and thrive without the other.


Transmitting Intention

Healers utilizing conscious intention with the Levashov Method believe that when we heal, we are using our minds to interact with this nonphysical template, which, once acted upon, transmits its newly acquired formal organization to the organism’s physical mass.  Although it is not yet definitively known how the healer’s mind influences the electromagnetic field, there is ample robust evidence for the fact that this does, indeed, happen. Evidence for this may be found in thousands of anecdotes from reports of healers, as well as through  experimentation. An example of the latter is the work of Professor Robert Jahn and Brenda Dunne of the Princeton Engineering  Anomalies Research Laboratory. Using individuals who had no particular history of psychic abilities, Jahn and Dunne found that by using conscious intention alone the operators were capable of influencing machines that emitted electrons at random (random event generators, REG);  the effect of their influence was that the random output was changed to an organized output that reflected the intention of the operator. This effect could be demonstrated at distances of thousands of miles, as well as in close proximity to the machine. The statistical evidence was well beyond that expected by chance alone.

Healing Specific Ailments

As a template or blueprint for the physical mass of the body, the energy field appears to hold huge amounts of information in exquisite detail down to the microscopic level of functioning. By interacting with the field, as in the Princeton experiments, the mind can alter the form and informational content of the field, thus secondarily affecting the physical cellular structure of the body. Experience demonstrates that this can take place immediately or with a time delay, depending upon what needs to be done and the sensitivity of the subject to external influence. Working in this way, healers can eliminate toxins, viruses, bacteria, and scarring, and accelerate healing by increasing lymphatic flow, arterial supply, and venous return to various organ systems and limbs. Regeneration of cartilage, ligaments, and bone can be effected by influencing the electro-energetic component in the field of the injured physical limb.

Prevention of Illness

Prevention of illness and injury may be effected by detoxification, because toxins attach to cells to prevent full cellular functioning and create interference with immune system functioning, causing much of the basis for chronic illness and, possibly, the acute injury of weakened tissue. By completely harmonizing the subject’s bio-electromagnetic field with its physical counterpart, the healer can facilitate optimal functioning for the organism as a whole. This includes integration of the mind with the body and the full use of the body’s potential, such as is necessary in competitive athletic activities. Although this healing method cannot provide the athlete with more than he or she is potentially capable of doing, it can rapidly manifest such potential. Similar to the demonstration in the Princeton experiment, these healing benefits can be effected by the healer working in close proximity with the athlete or at a distance of hundreds and even thousands of miles.


For those wishing to study the subject in greater detail the following books and articles will be of interest. They are a selected few of the hundreds now in print.

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