Our lives as healers have had many twists and turns, influenced not only from the work of Nicolai Levashov, but of several advanced thinkers in medicine, the arts, science and philosophy. Our approach as healers to the information in the world is to draw upon our cumulative knowledge and offer a dimensional point of view in accordance with the natural forces we work with every day, and to report on our continued path of learning. Some subjects are serious and some are fun examples which illustrate the surprising and extraordinary discoveries we have made during our training and service as Levashov healers. We invite commentary on any of the subjects we discuss here so long as it is respectful. Some entries will be in blog format, some are published articles.

Strengthening Your Natural Shield

Strengthening Your Natural Shield How to Protect Yourself from Spiritual, Emotional and Environmental Toxins by Rebecca Blasband You were born with a built in psi- field shield to protect you from the many assaults of nature and the world around you, whether in the physical, emotional or spiritual.  Due to the high stress level of

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Healing Depression, Anxiety and Fatigue

Many people find these symptoms go hand in hand and they are difficult to treat through conventional methods.  The indirect cause of these symptoms vary from person to person based on their individual conditions and circumstances.  However, in my experience as a Levashov Healer, the one common issue is a load of TOXINS in the

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Studies with Nicolai Levashov – the beginning

(“Studies with Nicolai Levashov”?was written a few years before I became a full time healer. ) by Richard A. Blasband, M.D. I first consulted the healer and physicist, Nicolai Levashov, for my chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) in 1994. This had been diagnosed by two medical homeopaths who were expert with a variation of the Voll

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