Strengthening Your Natural Shield

How to Protect Yourself from Spiritual, Emotional and Environmental Toxins

by Rebecca Blasband

You were born with a built in psi- field shield to protect you from the many assaults of nature and the world around you, whether in the physical, emotional or spiritual. 

Due to the high stress level of living, the barrage of negative information, due to antibiotics, toxins in our air, food and water, EMF’s, and Smarttechnology, etc, we are waylaid with assaults on our system. This can weaken our shield when we don’t know how to build it up and maintain its integrity. A weak shield can cause emotional imbalance, fatigue, mental fog and illness.

One of the simplest and most effective ways to give yourself a good night’s sleep and to reduce stress is to practice building your shield to keep it strong. You can do this at any time. The method of practice can be found at the end of this article.

At the end of every healing session with my clients, I strengthen their shield to keep them balanced and protected during transformational periods in their healing process. The Shield is there to serve you and while it’s not a Marvel Comics intelligence unit, it is strong and super. So what is it, and how does it work?

The key to understanding your shield is understanding the psi-field. The shield is a part of your psi-field. The psi-field is far more elegant and advanced than any specialized technology available in this day and age.  And it is created by your brain!

Every multi-celled organism possesses a psi-field.  It’s one of nature’s more extraordinary evolutions and in human beings (homo sapiens), it is a field generated by the neurons of the brain that surrounds the individual and plays a few specific roles, one of them is to shield people from dangers and to a large degree, toxins. Homo Sapiens are a species where the individual members, as Nicolai Levashov writes, 

“…have a nervous system capable of solving complicated tasks.  Such a structure is a system of billions of interactive neurons, concentrated in one individual… the entire system is maximally insulated and impervious to the impact of other psi-fields… Where you have such complex psi-fields maximum insulation is necessary to permit the acquisition and consolidation of the individual’s experience for transmission to future generations through changes in the genetic code and direct training.  The presence of an individual, complex psi-field, containing billions of interactive neurons, makes it possible to create a specialized functions, thus securing life-support processes and related behavioral responses for the processing and storing of information about the internal and external milieu.  At a certain stage in the gathering of information and the development of such a psi-system, comes the ability to analyze the information and implement intelligent action and responses to the processes unfolding in the environment. “ 1.

In simpler terms, the psi-field is a unique field generated by our billions of neurons which insulate our selves from others, helps to protect us from environmental hazards, regulates our organ functions, processes life energy and matter through rational thinking, self awareness, etc, which allows for evolution.  It also offers us invaluable protection in the SHIELD.

We understand potential threats to our well being in the physical world. But not so common is the knowledge of the subtle matter (spiritual) realms that are also a part of nature on our earth.  These realms have their own kind of eco-systems and some of these entities can prey upon the living, seeking their energy, if they have no energy source of their own.  This is especially true if the predators are extinct animals on the astral plane that no longer have biomass to incarnate into. These beings we can call astral animals or astral creatures. When they penetrate a person through a weakened shield, they can cause chronic disease, depression and emotional and physical imbalance.

Most children see astral creatures in their dreams or nightmares as it is common for these creatures to try to break through their shields in order to take their energy. These astral animals are the quintessential monsters under the bed.  However, penetration by astral creatures is not an easy feat. The child of average to good health has a psi-field shield designed to repel these attacks. The child learns how to strengthen his or her own shield in these experiences, and by the time the child reaches 4-6 years old, the struggle with creatures and the bad dreams should diminish. The healthy child has individuated, the shield is now strong, and the child feels impervious to creature threats. As adults, our shields can break down due to the stresses of life and the creatures can return again to try to feast for a meal or two by getting into cracks of the shield. Some of them wish to make a permanent home, often in the human nervous system. This is a root cause for chronic diseases such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. In most cases, along with the Epstein Barr virus, there is an infestation of astral creatures in the central nervous system, draining the person’s energy. These astral creatures can be microscopic, primitive, and quite pernicious.

We are very dependent on our physical senses to navigate through life. We believe in what we see, hear, taste, touch, smell – all the senses of the physical world. However, life on our planet is multi dimensional and there is a lot more happening and alive than only in the physical realm. We wouldn’t walk into the Amazon jungle in shorts and flip-flops. We would research the new environment and prepare for it, physically and mentally protecting ourselves.  Our minds, to varying degrees depending on a person’s spiritual development, are equipped to function in the spiritual (or subtle matter) realms that exist alongside the physical world.  It is the psi-field which really navigates us through life, in consort with our spirit, and the shield our protector.

Have you ever wondered at the fragility of the human body in comparison to the world we live in and how most of us manage to live a very long time in a world of hard elements, metals, sharp objects, speeding objects, dangerous events, toxins, and so forth?  And this is only in the physical world! Most of the time we don’t take notice of possible dangers because our shield functions well enough for us to live in relative safety. In situations of emergency we might become more amazed and take notice.  How is it we missed that fatal car accident, or found ourselves rescued by a friend or stranger in the last minute? Why is it that a piece of scaffolding fell off a building and landed just a foot short of where you were standing when the scaffolding was directly over your head? We often say, “it was my guardian angel that saved me,”  because many times, these saves do seem miraculous. In truth, it was your shield in hyper survival mode, getting you to side step disaster and in extreme cases, utilizing the psi-field to break qualitative barriers in order to improve conditions. When an enormous amount of subtle matter and energy is released from the neurons of an individual in a survival crisis, it makes an impact on the physical world. It doesn’t matter that your eyes never saw the scaffolding fall, your psi-field shield detected it and you moved two steps away, whether you realized it or not.

How does a mother lift a car to save her two year old pinned underneath?  It’s not only the result of sudden increased adrenaline due to maternal love. It is the psi-field in action.  A two year old child still shares the same psi-field as the mother!  It is love, but it is also nature. You see, we do share some attributes with Marvel super heroes, and even better.

Of course, tragic accidents do happen and they are a result of a negative response to a random event as well as many unfortunate factors coinciding at the same time.  This “accident” is on a person’s path. This a different subject of greater depth and will not be addressed in this article. But a weakened shield is almost always a part of it.

Building up your shield is advised when you know you are going to be in a challenging emotional or stressful situation, such as an intense business meeting, a meeting over divorce papers, or even lunch with a person who is ‘emotionally toxic’ and tends to drain people’s energy. (We all know someone like that.) If you find yourself unwittingly in a challenging situation that is getting heated, building the shield immediately will protect you and it is advised to remove yourself from the situation as soon as possible.

With rare exception, the only thing that can open your shield, is YOU. This happens through intense emotion. Spiked or sustained emotional reaction releases *Primary Matter and energy inside a person, erupting through the solar plexus chakra and opening the shield.  In some cases, people open their shields willingly without emotional reaction, and with no idea that they are doing something detrimental to their health, such as in a meditation class or a spiritual retreat. Once the shield is open, a person can easily have their energy taken by a ‘spiritual leader’ or by falling prey to various parasites. A child experiences astral creatures because they are not yet developed beyond the etheric level, (lower spiritual level), where astral creatures can find them. Children are naturally still aware of spiritual realms, not yet conditioned by society. When they experience the presence of astral creatures in their dreams, they learn to master their fear and strengthen their shield, with practice, and love and care from the parents. This is a natural process. 

We should never open our shields. Yet, as adults, there are plenty of tests. If we succeed and master our emotions consistently, we are able to use our own energy to move up on the evolutionary ladder and gain higher level qualities. If we do not master our emotions, but give into these indulgences, we will find ourselves back where we started only to be tested again.  Sometimes we are tested from the external world and we find ourselves in situations where there is pressure to open up. E. g., emotionally provocative people try to work others up so their shield opens and the provocateur can steal the energy. In most cases we have the ability to walk away and to take control of our own emotion, not making it ‘personal’.  In extreme examples, an act of violence can open a person’s shield.This is more difficult to manage and usually requires a healer to repair the system, as well it will require more practice throughout life to keep the shield healthy.

Shield opening can happen individually, in groups and en masse. Riots are a good example of a person opening his or her shield due to intense negative emotion, and the individual’s psi-field joining with others en masse. The mass of people now function as one psi-field, one brain!  But who is running it? These riots are negative emotion driven and controlled by creature parasites collectively joining to send people into chaos and violence, releasing a large amount of primary matter and energy, food for the parasites!  When it’s over, the people are drained and left with a difficult clean-up, sometimes the destruction of their own neighborhoods. Sometimes people do not recover. They ‘wake’ from the collective psi-field state of violence, individuating again, and many are unclear exactly how they got into such a state. It all feels like a bad dream. But the parasites are fat and happy. This is a manifestation of primitive aspects in nature in action. But we have the ability to evolve beyond it.

It is very important to master one’s emotions and to live by reason over instinct.  This is what separates human beings from animals

There are example of mass movements that are productive and very moving, changing society in a very short time to a higher level of functioning. This is when a great leader, a true spirited, evolved person, who can protect and guide his masses for the good of all, is at the helm of the collective psi-field. Mahatma Mohandas Ghandi is a great example of this, so is Martin Luther King. Only when the psi-field opens in negative emotion and violence, without a positive leader, does it become creature-run and destructive. The 60’s cult leader Jim Jones is an example of a negative, parasite controlled leader guiding his followers to mass suicide.

Emotional mastery does not mean we aren’t passionate, feeling individuals. But within reason. The healthy shield is a shield of a person who has achieved the balance. This takes work and discipline which eventually allows an individual to evolve to a higher dimensional level in resonance with the higher dimensionality of the planet. These are the mental levels, where one can become a great thinker, artist, philosopher, healer, leader, teacher, etc. Positive thought is especially powerful in this higher state and has an effect on many people.  It is a boon for mankind.

There is a misunderstanding that emotional control and a spiritually healthy state of being is a passive state of being, whereby a person only seeks peace and retreats from the evolutionary race of life. It’s an erroneous line of thinking common in a lot of New Age and yoga/meditation influenced communities.

While there is nothing wrong with peace of mind, it is important to be emotionally vital, alive and proactive. The healthy process of evolution can be challenging and uncomfortable at times. No one should run away from this to an imaginary land where nothing happens internally or externally. There are things to fight for in our world, to learn and experience, trials to endure, loves to be loved and lost and loved again. Your will and decision making for yourself plays a large role, not only in your life, but in the lives of others. We are all in this together. There are changes that need to be made in you and around you, and you must be a conscious part of them. Passivity is not a road to evolution. It is a road to spiritual death.  Being a passionate, engaged person does not mean one is violent or unreasonable. It means one is very much ALIVE.

How to Build Up Your Shield:

The shield is a structure that is comprised of all the Primary Matter/spiritual dimensions of a human being, physical, etheric, astral and mental. It is a part of our spirit in action.  Because these dimensional aspects are distinct and defined Primary Matter, subtle bodies, they do not blend but work in harmony with the neurons and we must keep them in balance for optimum functioning. Each Primary Matter layer has a specific color which is true in each dimension or subtle matter body. E.g. the etheric level is orange, the astral is yellow, the first mental is green and so forth. These correspond to the defined Primary Matter layers of the planet and it is why white light refracted creates a prism or a rainbow.

I highly recommend reading Nicolai Levashov’s, The Final Appeal to Mankind, Volume One for a more in depth understanding of the functioning of the shield and the psi field.This book can be downloaded from his website (English). 

The Practice:

Image of female with shield and circulation of energy moving naturally downward from the brain in spine.

Before sleep and just after waking are the best times to practice building the shield. Since this is part of the psi field, it can’t be detected by you through physical senses. But your mental intention plays a large role in the health and maintenance of the shield.

Simply sit or lie quietly and visualize the shield as a bubble or sphere around your body comprised of all the colors of the prism: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and ultra violet. In your visualization, make sure that the colors are vibrant and dense and that there are no holes in your shield. If you find them, fill them in. When you have a strong looking shield, according to your mind’s eye, it is time to program it.

Programming with intention is imperative to the success of this process. Visualizing is not enough.  To yourself or out loud, say: “Nothing can get in that I don’t want in and nothing can leave me that I don’t want to leave me.”

In the same procedure, build a shield around your spirit and program it.

If you are going to sleep, be sure to visualize the silver cord connecting your body and spirit and strengthen the shield around this too. You may say, “Nothing can cut this cord.”The silver cord is what brings the spirit back to the body safely in the morning after its travels at night.

While this shield building exercise may seem simplistic, it is highly effective. Remember that this is already a functioning part of you. It doesn’t take a great effort to keep this system in a stable condition, yet it makes all the difference.  It can create a much more secure way of being. It can increase physical stamina due to balance, protection and a truly restful sleep.  All it takes is some knowledge and practice.

* Primary Matter is defined by Levashov as the cosmic building blocks of the universe, that when merged in certain conditions creates hybrids that when combined creates a physical planet, (earth in our case), and exist with it, multidimensionally, in defined space. Primary Matter is mistakenly called “dark matter” by scientists today.  It is the life force in all living things.  See Levashov’s book, The Final Appeal to Mankind, Volume 1.

  1. Nicolai Levashov, The Final Appeal to Mankind -Volume 1, 1993. Self Published, San Francisco.