Many people find these symptoms go hand in hand and they are difficult to treat through conventional methods.  The indirect cause of these symptoms vary from person to person based on their individual conditions and circumstances.  However, in my experience as a Levashov Healer, the one common issue is a load of TOXINS in the central nervous system (brain and spine) and often a compromised immune system.  Toxins in the central nervous system (CNS) can wreak havoc on the body as our brain and spine are our ?hard drive? and influence the rest of our organ systems.  Toxins also can cause emotional turmoil and confusion.  When our hard drive is compromised, the whole system is compromised.  Toxins in the CNS tend to live in the outer layers of the brain (meninges). When lodged in the meninges, toxins cause inflammation and chronic infection that do not show up in medical tests.  These toxins are very difficult to expel.  The central nervous system is a partially closed system, meaning it does not get the same kind of blood circulation as the rest of the organ systems.  Attempts to detoxify through juice fasts and cleanses come with very limited success.  These methods often overload kidneys and the liver with free radicals.  This contributes to fatigue and some cleanses can dangerously overload the liver.

Toxicity and inflammation of the brain and spine in the outer layers is not only the source of chronic disease and physical discomfort, they also may cause a person to feel low, unbalanced, anxious and fatigued to lesser or greater degrees.  Toxicity also causes brain fog and an inability to discern and ?think? properly.  While chronic fatigue is usually caused by the Epstein Barr virus, the toxins are just as pernicious.  Left in the central nervous system, it is possible for a breakdown in cellular structure of the neurons.  Following this, the whole body goes ?on the blink.?

As a Levashov healer, one of the first things I do with a client is to detox the central nervous system and heal any infection of the meninges.  I move the toxins out of the brain through the cerebral spinal fluid out through the sinus cavity. Some toxins are expelled in other ways through the body.  During this time, my clients are instructed to eat cleanly and well, to get enough gentle exercise, and to hydrate and get plenty of rest.   

During the detoxification process it is not uncommon to have cold like symptoms, such as a runny nose, post nasal drip, etc.  This can be accompanied by strong-smelling urine and sweat and loose or foul smelling bowel movements as well as skin rashes and break-outs.  Sounds fun?  It?s why I call it the Detox Blues.  The good news is that it?s a better kind of blues than depression and anxiety and it?s only temporary.  On the other side of that is health, consistently improved mood, clarity of thought, and greater physical energy.   Our natural energy and well being returns to us!  One client expressed that after detoxification she suddenly saw opportunities and solutions to problems easily accessible to her.  When the central nervous system is clean, the entire organism begins to function at a higher level. 

The Effect of Unbalanced Spiritual Bodies: 

The Spirit is Mind.  Mind or spirit works in consort with the brain and physical body.  The spirit is expressed in spiritual bodies, etheric, astral and four potential mental bodies in human beings.  These spiritual bodies, along with the physical, should be balanced and working in unity.  No living creature could be called ?alive? without a spirit.  The spiritual bodies possess various qualities, serve different purposes and have their own self dimensionality.* The etheric body, the astral and the potential four mental bodies work in tandem, developing through the processing of life energy through the neurons, constantly and consistently.  The chakras are the portals between the physical to these bodies.  They help determine how well we are able to ?think?, ?feel? and ?act? in life.  But if our brain is ?clogged up,? it throws the entire system out of balance, much like a car engine running on tar.  We need functioning neurons for all of these spiritual bodies to be working properly and to develop.  This is evolution!  When we are overloaded with toxins, our entire spiritual structure moves out of balance and our evolution slows and can even stop.  The organism goes into a kind of stasis, which expresses itself in depression, accompanied by anxiety and hopelessness, and a desire only to withdraw from life.

When the CNS is cleaned up, the system moves toward health and the depressive state lightens and in most cases, disappears.  There is a great sense of relief.  In some cases,  depression stems from heavy, negative karmic imprints.  The spirit has been traveling with these issues from lifetime to lifetime and finally the person has hit a wall, unable to evolve beyond the imprint.  This can cause a similar kind of breakdown.  It should be noted that most people are loaded with karma (footprints of experience).  But not all lead to depression. 

Spiritual bodies are made up of a specific kind of subtle mass – they are not energy.  This mass is not visible to the naked eye.  Healers who are developed in their minds/ brains, such as properly trained and developed Levashov healers, are able to perceive these subtle bodies and work with them effectively with titrated and heightened intention.  Every Levashov healer is able to ?see? into the physical and spiritual system and affect them accordingly.  It is not enough simply to ?give someone energy?.  A healer must make clear, concise and physical changes to the afflicted areas.  Anyone trained by Nicolai Levashov to be a healer is required to have a solid knowledge of anatomy and physiology.

Where do toxins come from?  Most toxicity in the central nervous system begins in the womb, believe it or not.  While the cranium of the fetus is still cartilaginous (soft) and forming, toxins from the mother?s amniotic fluid penetrate into the top layers of the developing baby brain.  This is also a time when a developing fetus may contract a virus which can detrimentally affect the child?s development later on.  As the skull hardens, these toxins are trapped in the brain.  The baby is born with them and child grows up with these toxins. Along the path of life, the individual collects more toxins through stress, environmental toxins, recreational toxins, medication toxins, and the metabolic by products due to changes in development and tissue – the latter is a natural process.  If enough toxins compound, by the time a person reaches adulthood, they may be living with a heavy toxic cocktail in the brain and spine.  This is the root of chronic disease, depression and anxiety.   

Are There Toxins on the Spiritual Levels?

Yes.  They are parasites.  Similar to the Amazon jungle, the etheric and lower astral subtle matter realms are full of creatures but some of them are extinct parasites that no longer have  biomass to incarnate into.  These parasites look for living hosts for their nourishment.  When our spiritual bodies become weak, our natural protective energetic shield (psi-field) is compromised and we can experience a parasite invasion whereby they begin to suck energy and deteriorate our physical bodies.  This is like getting a bad case of protozoa on a trip to an exotic place!  The exception is, these parasites cannot be killed by medicine and they cannot be detected in the physical.  They must be removed by a competent healer.  I cannot express how many depression and anxiety cases, as well as chronic fatigue cases, are associated with a parasite infestation.  They will live in the CNS for as long as they can, taking energy from the host, yet keeping the host alive enough to keep giving them energy.   It?s not a nice relationship!

Are bad thoughts toxic?  Yes, they are!  And they do affect the physical body.  Thoughts have a kind of form that can influence the spiritual bodies which in turn, influence matter depending on how powerful the intention behind them may be.  A person is able to create a storm of toxins due to stress, negative emotions and bad thoughts.  You may know the saying, ?stay away from toxic people.?  You may be the prime toxic person you should be staying away from!   However, when our central nervous system is already toxic, it?s very hard to think positively, as we are not functioning properly.   When we cannot pinpoint what is wrong with us, the result is usually crippling over-analysis and panic.  Our brain chemistry changes and we respond only to medications that attempt to regulate this brain chemistry at a high cost.  Everything becomes compensatory.   This takes a toll on the immune system and the spirit.

I have had success as a healer dealing with anxiety, depression and fatigue.  I know how effective the detoxification process is of the central nervous system.  Since we are not machines, but incredible, complex life forms of higher intelligence, there are always other factors in healing a person of any illness.  For every individual I heal, I create a plan based on my scan of their system.  Detoxification of the central nervous system to heal depression may not be the entire story of a client, but it is the beginning of freedom and sometimes it is all someone needs to live a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life.

*For more information on ?self dimensionality? and the spiritual bodies, please refer to Nicolai Levashov?s ?Final Appeal to Mankind, Vol 1, Vol 2?.

written by Rebecca Blasband