Our Mission

We are healers using the Levashov Method, a well-researched study of our spiritual bodies and their relationship to our physical body. Through his highly developed consciousness, Nicolai Levashov discerned that our “spirit” has essentially three parts, which he names, according to ancient tradition, the etheric, astral, and mental bodies. Each of these has a distinct relationship to the physical body on which they depend for life energy. All must be in balance for the individual to experience physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

A healer using Levashov’s method, must be able to “see” these bodies and understand their relationship to one another and the physical organism. Through special powers the healer can enter the spiritual bodies with their mind and make corrections in their imbalance and deficits. In the case of a physical ailment these corrections are then projected onto the physical organism where cure takes place.

Prevention of illness and injury may be effected by detoxification, because toxins attach to cells to prevent full cellular functioning and create interference with immune system functioning, causing much of the basis for chronic illness and, possibly, the acute injury of weakened tissue. By completely harmonizing the subject’s bio-electromagnetic field with its physical counterpart, the healer can facilitate optimal functioning for the organism as a whole.