S. Seymour

Healing?Thoracic Disc Degeneration ? Back Pain

A few days after an adjustment by my chiropractor, I developed terrible pain in my thoracic area, which felt like a constant throbbing that would begin upon waking and only cease late in the afternoon. The throbbing pain was relentless. Rebecca began working on me approximately one week into my five weeks of intense pain. Immediately I felt some healing relief after our first session, although the pain returned shortly. We knew it would take some time and energy because thoracic pain can be quite prolonged. About two weeks after the pain began, I went to get an X-ray, but the results came back negative for any damage. My doctor and chiropractor both thought that a rib head and/or muscles had become a ?hot spot? area and that there was most likely inflammation causing my pain.

Rebecca Blasband worked on me two or three times a week, with my pain level varying up and down during the next few weeks. Eventually by the fifth week, I suddenly noticed a great improvement. For two days, the pain had nearly disappeared. I had just gotten a prescription from my MD for physical therapy, which I decided to move forth with even if I felt better, in order to strengthen my surrounding muscles. After the two nearly pain-free days, the pain came back again. But just two days before I was to begin PT, the intense pain went away, and it stayed away! Rebecca is still working on my back, because there is still some finalization of the process that needs to take place, and I still have a mild throbbing occasionally. I truly believe that without her help, my back would have taken a much, much longer time to heal than it did.