B. Allen, Oakland, CA. 2022

Rebecca is a powerful healer using a unique type of healing modality that not only speeds the healing process and reduces inflammation but rebuilds weakened degenerated tissue and more.   Recently I suffered 3 seriously herniated disks in my cervical spine.  I could hardly move and in extreme pain until getting a series of healings from Rebecca. After 2 weeks of healings I was able to work and almost pain free.  With continued healings I’m now pain free and have regained mobility of my cervical spine.
Currently Rebecca is helping me with a progressive degenerative condition of the motor neurons (partly genetic) that impacts my stability and co-ordination – at times causing a loss of control of my limbs.  Regular sessions with Rebecca have slowed the progression of this condition to the point of being able to work, take walks, and basically to have a life worth living.
I have tried other modalities for these ailments but nothing comes close to the lasting relief I have received from this extraordinary healing work with Rebecca.