Paul Chamlee

Healing General Infection, Poison Spider Bite, plus Vertebrae Restoration

I have been the fortunate recipient of innumerable benefits to my health from the healing work of Dr. Richard A. Blasband for over twenty years.

There are many things I could not have overcome without Dr. Blasband?s help. He has helped restore vertebrae in my spinal column and thus I can more easily manage my general back ailments by having much less pain, relief from occasional numbness in my feet from the pinched nerves in the spinal column, to name only a few. On the occasions when I have needed a western medicine procedure, such as a tooth implant, Dr. Blasband has speeded up healing, eliminated infection, and removed pain. (Upon the followup visit, the implant dentist could not believe how quickly and how well I had healed, especially for my age.)

One particular irrefutable example of Dr. Blasband’s healing work:

I was bitten near the front of my neck by a brown recluse spider while visiting my family farm in Texas. Though these spiders are not normally aggressive, I was sleeping in a room that had not been used for over a year and I probably rolled over onto the spider living in the long-undisturbed sheets. I have learned that a brown recluse cannot be felt at the time of its bite. A few hours after awakening, I noticed a dark red spot on my neck that began to feel sore, and a few hours after that, I noticed that the spot was starting to exude pus and to form a large protruding black node, around which were red streaks radiating from infection and inflammation. All during this time, I was feeling more and more weak and feverish and completely ?wiped out.? No one was available in this remote rural area to assist me, so I drove alone to the nearest out-patient emergency facility (45 miles away) to see if a doctor there could help identify and help with the awful thing on my neck.

The doctors at the clinic thought it was a staph infection and took a sample from it for testing. While waiting in the clinic to be tested for staph, I called Dr. Blasband and explained what I thought it might be, and what it looked and felt like. He said that he did not believe it was staph, but ?saw? that it was a poison bite. (By the next morning, the clinic?s test confirmed negative for staph.) Dr. Blasband told me that he had not worked with a poison spider bite before, but that he would look at the structure of the poison and construct an antidote with his mind. He began working on me immediately.

In western medicine, there is no antidote for brown recluse spider bites, and the doctor at the clinic said that if it was a brown recluse bite, the only solution was plastic surgery after the necrotic lesion and infection ceased, or to be content with the scar, which might or might not be minor. The area was looking its worst by the time of this pronouncement. I had to have a long nap in the car before driving myself back to the farm. But, after only a few hours, I was having much less fever and aching, and felt a bit stronger. By the next day, I was able to function almost normally and was getting good bed rest to assist the twice-daily calls to Dr. Blasband. By the third day, I was able to call him only once, and to drive a few hundred miles to Colorado and begin co-teaching (with my husband) a pre-scheduled seminar that could not be cancelled. By the fourth and fifth days, I felt completely recovered, and the ugly spot of the bite was going away very rapidly, so quickly in fact, that it was barely noticeable. (Fewer sessions with Dr. Blasband were needed by this time and we resumed our normal two or three times a week.) Within less than a month, the spot was healed so completely that it was impossible to see where the bite occurred, with the result that there is no depression or skin damage of any kind?there is not so much as a freckle where the huge black and red pustule came out of my neck.

I simply cannot imagine what my life would be like if I had not had the great benefit Dr. Blasband?s healing work in so many aspects of my being.?