Michael A. Smith

Healing Stroke, Carotid Arteries

I have known Richard A. Blasband, M.D. since 1964. In 1995, when I met with him, I learned that a few years previously he had been trained by the Russian physicist, Nicolai Levashov, to become a healer. My understanding was, and still is, that his method of healing is not ?psychic healing,? but is a type of long-distance healing based on little known scientific principles, and is a type of healing not based on my belief that it works. Dr. Blasband did say, however, that if I strongly disbelieved in this type of healing it could be ?too much for him to overcome.?

The day we met, he asked if he could scan me, and figuring I had nothing to lose, I consented. He did not touch me, but scanned me with his mind. He reported that he saw several physical problems. His finding corroborated testing that had been done years previously by conventional methods. I asked if he could fix these problems and when he said that he thought he could, I became his patient.

He has healed my minor injuries, such as pulled muscles, usually in thirty-six hours, and often in one session. One day many years ago I had a severely sprained ankle. The pain was so intense that by evening I needed two canes to walk from the living room to the bedroom. I called him on an emergency basis and he said he would work on it. The next morning I was up and about for an hour before I remembered I had a sprained ankle.

Other things have taken longer, of course. His type of healing is not ?miracle healing? where, ?Zap, you are cured.? Some things of long-standing duration have taken a while. Eighteen years ago, cleaning out my arteries, for example, took him up to a year, if I recall correctly. My understanding in this regard is that everyone is different, and that what took Dr. Blasband up to a year with me, could take a far shorter or a far longer time with someone else.

Over these past twenty years I have found Dr. Blasband?s healing work with me to be invaluable. Some examples: I am 73 years old and recently I had a stroke. (Eighteen years after he cleaned out my arteries, they started to clog up again.) The doctors at Stanford University Medical Center to told me that I would have a considerable period of physical therapy, and even then it might not be possible to recover 100%. I called Dr. Blasband and he started working on me immediately and intensively. He enlisted his daughter, Rebecca, who was also trained as a healer by Nicolai Levashov, to also work on me. Now, one month later. I can happily report that I feel 98 % as I did before, and certainly have no need of physical therapy.

Some years ago I had a Carotid Ultrasound done and it was found that these arteries were 50% occluded. Not good, but I was not in imminent danger. At Stanford they wanted to do a Carotid Ultrasound, but were unable to because I was there on a weekend and they do not do ultrasounds on weekends. They instructed me to have it done when I returned home to Pennsylvania. I had it done a month after that weekend in the hospital, and the results were that both carotid arteries are 100% clear?no plaque whatsoever. I asked Dr. Blasband if he had been working on it and he replied, ?A lot.? Words cannot express how grateful I am.

Dr. Blasband charges for the healing he does. I consider it the best bargain I can imagine, and I regularly recommend his healing work to friends when I learn they have a physical problem.