Dmitriy Kropachev, Russia 2019

Our son was born 4 pound in weight had severe problems with digestive system whole life, up until we endup in hospital due to the lack of weight. In the hospital, due to the doctor’s mistake he had been given sweet drinks, as result he developed severe SIBO, and was given rifaximin to fight it along with three types of laxatives. The outcome was that he gained some weight, but his teeth rotted and problems with digestive system become even way more severe. This is the point when Rebecca started working on Emil, in a course of 6 months he had gained  3 pounds, developmental issues he had due to the lack of nutrients, went away, digestive problem also gone. He had tremendous changes from always crying, unhappy boy to always smiling, joking, running around kid who can’t stop playing and laughing.

Thanks Becky for everything you did for us, our family will be always grateful to you.