Barbara Boungard

Healing Anxiety, Depression, Spiritual/Karmic Issues

I have been a patient of Dr. Richard Blasband since 2010. Previously, I had been searching and seeing a number of different energy medicine workers, as well as a nutritionist/ kinesiologist to support my journey of recovery from many years of drug and alcohol abuse.

An intuitive counselor referred me to Dr.Blasband. I was starting to have frequent panic attacks, sometimes more than one a day. I would call Dr. Blasband and these attacks would cease in moments.? Along with the anxiety I also suffered from serious depression. He started a course of healing to detox my central nervous system and treat my fatty liver. This has been a very long detox but worth every moment, as I noticed that I got sick less frequently, had more energy.? A cloud was slowly lifting from my experience of life and I started to feel a sense of well being that I thought had been lost forever.

At one point I hit a wall and felt as if there was a block that was keeping me from fulfilling my dreams and living my life fully, kind of like a glass ceiling. Dr. Blasband noticed some things going on in my astral body and referred me to his daughter Rebecca Blasband. ?Rebecca began working deeply on the astral level, cleaned it out and began repairing it.?She discovered a karmic issue originating in the astral body and?affecting all of the other spiritual bodies which was blocking my development.

A karmic issue is a trauma that occurred in a current life or in a past incarnation that leaves an imprint on your organism. It runs like a triggered loop and can be very difficult to overcome. It is very intense work, as it is very deep.?Rebecca began to dissolve the structure of the imprint, changing the ?program.?

What I experienced was surprising, and at times frightening, but Rebecca was with me every step of the way. She was utterly supportive as she carried me through the process. As I began to detox the karmic imprint over the course of two months, I saw, as if watching a movie, specific memories of my past lifetime and all of the traumatic events that created the issues I had in my present life. These were not imagined and they were highly personal and very familiar in the strangest way. It was fascinating and moving to see my lifetime as an ordinary woman, brave and extraordinary in her own way, and dealing with challenging issues of survival in her day, and although heroic, her very traumatic loss of family and her own death.? Understanding her raised my level of compassion for and acceptance of myself, compassion for and acceptance of others.

I understood how and why I have always been afraid to truly and freely love others in this life, and why I have been hesitant to make commitments. Also why I spent many years of my life taking drugs and drinking.

I am less fearful and many neurotic habits have fallen away. I experience a quiet joy and feel no need to be a people pleaser. I have gained a richer sense of direction and joy in life, a stronger desire to develop my mind and my body, and a desire and a new ability to create and commit to things and people in my life.? I feel like it is safe to love, I feel like it is safe to live!? I feel new freedom.

I highly recommend Rebecca and her specific areas of expertise. She has been, for lack of a better word, and angel in my life.? She was always there to support me throughout this process. This is amazing, life-altering, extraordinary work, and anyone who reads this may feel free to contact me with questions or to discuss my experience.

I am 58 years old and I have tried many different modalities of healing and many kinds of therapies over the years. ?I can say that the Levashov method of healing is the most effective and truly transformative on every level of my being.