Anonymous, California resident, 2020

It’s been 3 years since Rebecca started healing work on me and initially the brain fog feeling was alleviated and I found I could keep my focus on work or life in general easier, she helped the pressure in my ears, especially when I fly, my ears would hurt terribly due to the extreme pressure changes and occasionally I may have a little ear pain but not anywhere near what I had been experiencing. Additionally, Rebecca has improved my sight in a way that my eyes don’t get as tired as quickly. Now that it has been almost 3 years, I am extremely clear and confident about what I want in life and what this means is I know my purpose in life and I am focused on that. In adjunct to Rebecca’s healing work, I have been doing my own self-study and personal development to live the life of my choosing and do the work to make a contribution to this world. I’ve started a business in the last couple of years and I truly believe that I would not be able to see through this dream without the healing work of Rebecca Blasband. Thank you kindly!