Linda G. Brauner

Healing Sprains (tissue regeneration), Strengthening Immune System

I have experienced and observed the following from Dr. Blasband?s energy healing over the past three years:

  • I have rarely gotten ill with colds, flu, or other viral syndromes.?When I have contracted a virus, my recovery is?rapid as a result of working with Dr. Blasband.
  • Since working with Dr. Blasband my rosacia is dramatically improved.
  • Heat patterns seen in breast thermography have?decreased?since working with Dr. Blasband.
  • Sprained ankles sustained by my daughter during basketball games healed in?significantly shorter periods than prior to using Dr. Blasband?s healing.
  • Recovery time of my daughter?s broken ankle sustained during a basketball game was shorter than predicted by sports doctor, I believe due to Dr. Blasband?s work with her.
  • Pain experienced by my daughter during sports injuries would often be diminished after a few minutes work with Dr. Blasband.

I highly recommend Dr. Blasband as an energy healer.