This method of healing is based upon new information provided by master healer, clairvoyant, and theoretical physicist, Nicolai Levashov.

The Levashov Method is a body, mind and spirit healing method. It is a new, exciting, coherent, paradigm incorporating classical physics and biology and bringing new insight to riddles of the material and spiritual world. It is not faith based or religious. It is a transformative process based on well researched findings and application.

We are Richard A. Blasband MD and Rebecca Blasband, trained by Nicolai Levashov.  As healers we work on physical, emotional and spiritual issues to implement the correct changes.

Healing The Physical Body

We do not make direct contact with the physical body, but the changes do take place on the physical. Our heightened intention and titrated application of energy make these changes. We can work remotely (phone/Skype) or in person.

Successfully treated diseases and syndromes include:

Detoxification of the Central Nervous System (brain and spine), common cold/flu, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Mononucleosis/ Epstein Barr, tinnitus, adult acne and skin disorders, weakened thyroid and adrenal glands in immune system dysfunction, slipped or herniated spinal discs, chondromalacia of the cartilage of the knees, post-traumatic spasm of the muscles of the arms, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, various sprains of feet and ankles, torn muscles, carpal tunnel syndrome, coronary artery disease and other occlusive problems of arteries, pulmonary embolism, stroke, fertility issues and hormonal imbalances, excessive tearing of the eyes, stenosis (narrowing) of the spinal canal, sciatica, hemorrhoids, traumatic brain damage, developmental brain problems (including Aspergers), prostatitis and benign prostatic hypertrophy, post encephalitic paralysis, kidney stones, glomerulonephritis (kidney disease) and various emotional problems. Please note: We do not treat Cancer, AIDS or MS.

You went for medical tests, the results came back normal, but you know something is wrong.

It’s a common problem that medical tests only pick up pathology once it is deeply manifest in the physical.

If the spiritual bodies are compromised, it will affect the physical. But there’s a lag period before traditional medical tests are able to register the problem. Because we can see into the whole system we are able to pinpoint the issues and make the appropriate changes, often at earlier stages before full-blown illness or metastases.

How Do We Heal?

Nicolai Levashov discovered that our spirit is made up of spiritual bodies, (or subtle matter bodies), which have varying gradient dimensionality and are invisible to the naked eye.

These spiritual bodies have distinct functions: The etheric body is an identical template or blueprint of the physical body down to the DNA level. The astral body comprises all functions involved with emotion and memory. The mental bodies, which are more advanced in a person’s development, are responsible for the kinds of qualities we call parapsychological, including clairvoyance, psychokinesis, telepathy, and the like. Four mental bodies are possible in human evolution. Where there is development to higher levels, one finds visionary, humanitarian, and highly evolved thinking and philosophy.

During training with Nicolai Levashov, a student undergoes a brain transformation whereby the mind is able to “see” into the spiritual bodies and affect change on the etheric, astral or mental levels (spiritual bodies), and thus the physical, all through heightened intention.

Central Nervous System (CNS) Detoxification

Many physical problems arise because of a build up of toxins in the central nervous system, (brain and spinal column), which begin when we are in the womb. By adulthood we usually have a build up of toxins in our brain and spinal cord. This is the origin of potential chronic disease and anxiety. The CNS is a partially closed system so it is hard for one to detoxify on one’s own.

In our healing work we detoxify the central nervous system. This brings our clients a great deal of relief, energy and optimism. This detox is also the start of the healing process for more complicated issues. Your body and mind need a clean “hard drive” as a power source to heal and evolve.

Additionally, if there is damage to the central nervous system we are able to regenerate neurons and neural networks.

Healing Emotional and Spiritual Issues

Our spiritual bodies carry not only the blueprint to our DNA but also the imprints of genetic and personal karma, positive or negative. One’s actions, reactions and thoughts create imprints with varying impact on one’s spiritual system and even the lives of one’s offspring.

The spiritual system is weakened by: illness, trauma, negative karma, alcohol/drugs, sexual vampirism, unhealthy love relationships. The organism may become an easy host for spiritual parasites (entities/astral creatures). This will cause a litany of problems emotionally, spiritually and physically which may grow more severe the more the parasites are allowed to suck energy. *Spiritual parasites are extinct, primitive animals that remain on the etheric and lower astral level.

Some of the issues caused by parasite invasion are: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, depression, confusion, dizziness, drug addiction, increased anxiety and fear, Agoraphobia, infertility, suicidal tendencies, Cancer.

In most cases, we are able to remove and neutralize the spiritual parasites and restore the spiritual (and physical) bodies to health. However, the underlying reason for the entity penetration varies from person to person. It is necessary to heal the source of the issue or the weakness will return and so will the parasites.


Healing Karma

The spirit has a history of many physical lifetimes in order to evolve. Karma can be best described as the footprints of life experiences, past, present and ancestral. A karmic imprint exists as a structure and program within the spiritual bodies. If karma is triggered and the individual is not capable to evolve beyond it, life will become very difficult. One may be born with developmental issues due to karma. Karma may manifest emotionally and physically, but its origin is spiritual. We take out the karmic roots, replenish the spiritual bodies, heal the physical if that is needed, while removing the karmic imprint and program. Karmic issues are serious. The healer must carry a person on his or her back through the process. It requires great commitment and time from both healer and client.

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