Covid 19 prevention with Remote Healing - healthy lungs


     Covid 19 prevention is possible through remote healing! This is program is specific to the Levashov Healing and implemented into the spiritual and physical bodies to fight off the pathogen at first contact. This is why… read on.

Viruses are alive. They were one of the first organisms to have life and they are simple, primitive and adaptive. What defines life are two things: A. the presence of an etheric body (spiritual/subtle matter body) that all living things share with the planetary system, and B. the ability for the cells to replicate.

      Covid 19 is a lab enhanced Corona virus. I write this without extending the invitation to delve into conspiracy theories on the internet, which is generally disinformation. I write this only to describe the attributes of the virus so far as I can see, having worked on cases both in people who are recovering and one (sadly an old friend) who was already ravaged by the disease by the time I learned of his condition, and passed on a day later.

    Covid 19 has malarial qualities and looks like a corona -parasite combination (a form of plasmodium parasite usually transmitted by mosquito to its host). I believe that the AMOUNT of exposure to the pathogen also determines how sick one gets. It does have enhanced aggressive qualities which attack an immune system looking for any weak link to break down the system, targeting the respiratory system. The obviously vulnerable would be the elderly, those who live in congested, polluted cities and smokers. I have also observed that it lives in the liver for a long time even after recovery and relapse is probable.

       The reason why viruses thrive in a host is because they share the host’s etheric body – the spiritual body which determines life and which is the DNA blueprint of the physical body. A virus, like all lifeforms, cannot live and function without a channel between its physical body and its etheric body. The only way a virus cannot reproduce and function is if this channel is cut. In my work,I vanquish viruses entirely from the etheric body as well as the physical.

      In the normal cycle of attack, the physical body fights off the virus/parasite, thus the virus adapts and mutates to trick the immune system. If the immune system is healthy it will catch up to the virus and put it down. The same is happening on the etheric level. The problem is that once Covid 19 pathogen finds the weak spot, the attack on the physical system is so great that the etheric body of the host weakens to supply energy to the physical body to survive and no longer fights off the virus’s etheric body. This makes it very difficult for the host to kill the virus as the etheric body of Covid thrives and mutates until it has ravaged the host. This is the key to the killer aspect of this disease.

    Nicolai Levashov, who remains my teacher, has recently given me a program to specifically prevent Covid 19. I implement this program into the etheric body and natural psi-field shield of a person to fight off the virus at first contact. It’s a lot like chainmail armor. If someone comes in contact with the pathogen, it highly reduces his or her chance of infection – because the virus cannot live in the etheric body of the host with this program. I also boost the shield and help to support the physical: the immune system and respiratory system.

    It is very common for new clients to come to me in a state of disrepair and despair after having suffered for a long time and having found no cure in allopathic medicine. They come to me as a last resort. Covid 19 prevention with Levashov Healing is possible. I ask that people please contact me before they are infected, although I can also help people recover. With the preventive program, there is no guarantee that a person won’t catch the bug – as this also depends on the strength of a person’s shield which can vacillate – but the odds are far slimmer.

Additionally, these breathing exercises suggested by a doctor in the UK are invaluable. I highly recommend watching this closely and doing the exercises preventively and during infection.

    I am offering my services for this Levashov Covid 19 Prevention program and a few immune-boost healing sessions at a reduced rate for people who are not already my clients. I urge you to pass this on.

Wishing you all Health,

Rebecca Blasband